The Perfect (Parenting) Day

January 20, 2016 in Latest Articles, Mom Moments

Mother and DaughterAfter reading “The Sweet Spot” in Huffington Post Parents, I started thinking about why many of us are obsessed with the perfect parenting day. You know the one, where everything goes right, there are no conflicts, no scrapes, no sibling rivalrys, no heartaches, and everyone goes to bed on time.

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The Jungle Book at Madison Junior School

December 3, 2015 in Latest Articles, Local Events

Madison Junior School students will perform The Jungle Book at the school this Friday and Saturday, December 4th and 5th.

The play, the school’s fall non-musical show, features a cast of about 30 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. An adaptation of the classic Rudyard Kipling story, it follows the adventures of Mowgli, a human boy raised by wolves in the jungle. The show was adapted by Vera Morris and is Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.

“Mowgli man cub fights the eternal struggle between honesty and fear,” said co-director Kathleen Wallace.

Wallace, who teaches at Kings Road School and Torey J Sabatini School, is working with husband Richard Bradshaw, who teaches at Madison Junior School.

The show is on Friday, December 4 at 7pm and on Saturday at 4pm. Tickets are available at the door, $7 for adults and $5 for students.

Cast members perform Jungle Book, adapted from the Mowgli stories of Rudyard Kipling by Vera Morris, as co-director Richard Bradshaw (forefront, with drums) gives tech-week direction. The show will be staged at Madison Junior School, 160 Main Street, Madison, on Friday, Dec 4 at 7 and Saturday, December 5 at 2 pm.

Yo Sushi! is so good you won’t mind doing the dishes.

November 30, 2015 in Latest Articles, Local Events, Restaurant Reviews

There’s a new restaurant at the Mall at Short Hills, just I time for holiday shopping: Yo! Sushi. The layout is reminiscent of a 50s diner, dominated by a countertop that wraps around two peninsulas into the restaurant and around much of its edges. But what it served is decidedly not diner fare – at least not the American kind.

IMG_7492 As you sit at Yo Sushi, located at the mall’s east end near Bloomingdales, plates of sushi and other Japanese foods travel past on a continuous conveyor belt or “Kaiten.” Chefs will plate, say, a California roll, and place it on the belt and it travels around the room until a diner grabs it.

Plates are color coded and tallied at the register when the meal is done. The system is novel and inserts a lot of fun into the meal. Servers can be summoned with a column-shaped blue sparkling light, turned on at the press of a button. They can bring drinks or hot items like soup or fried rice. They can also bring anything you don’t see on the belt. Prices range from $3.50 for a small dish of edamame to $7 for tuna tartar. Dessert is even on the menu — and the kaiten — in the form of fresh fruit or Mochi Ice cream, among other selections. There is a to-go section where entrees, soups, those Japanese sodas with the marble in the bottle and even Pocky Sticks (stick-like cookies dipped in chocolate or other flavors, which until now I have only seen at Asian markets) are available to take away.

IMG_7501Yo Sushi’s first location opened in London in 1997. How have we been surviving without conveyor belt sushi for 18 years?! The chain is now open in just a few US locations – it’s pretty much a few New Jersey malls and Orlando right not, but they have big plans of course.

So in the end, diners cue up at the register with their plates and pay for what they’ve eaten. A little housekeeping is a small price to pay for a fun, yummy meal.


Beth is the mother of four children who are either about to become adolescents or are there in full swing. Not unlike the tooth fairy or Santa, she is the one who magically straightens everything up and has the household humming along when everyone else returns home from school or work. Only she doesn’t get a charming back-story. Or magical powers. Check out what she’s doing over at Ill-Prepared Housewife.

Photos in this post are courtesy of Beth’s husband, Scott Ferranti.

Plan your visit with Santa in Madison!

November 27, 2015 in Latest Articles, Local Events

Santa will be arriving in town this evening at the annual Madison Holiday Parade.  We can’t wait to see him use his magic to light up the Madison Christmas tree.  And… my girls have already started making their wish lists… and are trying to decide which special thing they’re going to ask Santa to bring to them.  It’s such an exciting time!

10882254_421168394705406_58806950413867087_nOne of my big parts in the excitement is making sure I know when Santa is going to be here in Madison.  Nothing is more disappointing than showing up at Santa’s door to realize that he’s up at the North Pole… or visiting another one of his little houses.

So… make note!  Here’s Santa’s Madison visiting schedule!!!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
1:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday
12:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Santa’s House is located at the Madison train station across from the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building.

And don’t forget to check out Santa’s Facebook page!!!!